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Terraforce® blocks

Retaining Block ®
Rock Face ®

Multi 4x4 ®

Terracrete ®
Terrafix ®
round face (plant supportive) or flush face
seating and stairs
drive-over, hard-lawn applications
erosion control block

Terraforce® retaining blocks interlock horizontally as well as vertically, with optional keys and no air voids. They have a closed vertical and open horizontal surface structure. As such they lend themselves ideally to the construction of both light terrace walls, medium to heavy gravity walls, as well as heavy composite walls.

Units are lightweight for easy delivery, handling and installation, yet heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel or concrete.

Convex and concave corners and curves of unrestricted radius allow complex designs to suit site conditions. The units may be reversed so that a variety of versatile appearances and features can be created.

Terraforce® blocks are fully versatile, reversible and interlocking elements may be applied to control light erosion problems to heavy composite earth retaining requirements, resulting in truly plantable retaining walls, for terracing of sloping sites, stabilizing of embankments next to rivers, drive ways, swimming pools and roads, or for creating staircases and walkways.

The use of Terraforce® elements cuts evaporation, improves drainage, allows for effective backfill compaction and the overhanging plant growth deters graffiti.

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Decorton Retaining Systems' embankments using Terraforce® blocks

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