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Decorton Retaining Systems Pty (Ltd) supports and installs the following Products:

Decorwall block ®

The Decorwall block ® is an economical and innovative concept which presents a new future to the retaining industry. It is the only closed-face block with a positive interlocking system. This unique design helps to prevent block crushing on high walls, making it extremely strong and quick to construct. An added benefit is that the block can be readily planted.   more details

Löffelstein ® blocks

Löffelstein ® is a dry-stacking, interlocking retaining system ideally suited to retaining cut or fill slopes between 3 and 15m in height. These specially engineered blocks are structurally stable; they do not need additional concrete infill. Versatile, adaptable and plantable, they are used as a facing for geosynthetic reinforced slopes, or for Geonail or rock-anchored, cut slopes.   more details

Terraforce ® blocks

Terraforce ® retaining blocks lend themselves ideally to the construction of light terracing to heavy, composite walls. Convex and concave corners, and curves of unrestricted radius allow for complex designs to suit site conditions. Fully versatile, reversible and interlocking elements provide highly plantable retaining walls. Ideal for terracing of sloping sites, stabilising of embankments next to rivers, drive ways, swimming pools and roads, and for creating staircases and walkways.

The use of Terraforce® elements controls light erosion, cuts evaporation, improves drainage, allows for effective backfill compaction and the overhanging plant growth deters graffiti,   more details

Grinaker Terrace Blok ®

The infraset Terrace Blok ® system is an economical, machine manufactured block with unique features that firmly establish it as a market leader. Its open back design and trough shape promote healthy, rapid plant growth with unrestricted root systems that aid stabilisation of garden slopes.   more details


  Biaxial geogrid is designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement.
  Manufactured from Polypropylene, it has high tensile strength
  in both longitudinal and transverse directions.   more details

A safe and environmentally sensitive installation is guaranteed: these products are manufactured, wherever possible, from recycled material and carry a full manufacturer’s warranty. Full-scale tests have been conducted by independent, geotechnical engineers to establish the design integrity of these systems. Qualities include superb holding capacity, versatility, adaptability and plantability.

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