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 A dry-stacking, interlocking retaining system, LÖFFELSTEIN® is unique due to its versatility, adaptability and plantability.

LÖFFELSTEIN® features include:
  • Structurally stable - no need for additional concrete infill.

  • Available in heavy duty blocks.

  • Colour and texture options - non standard by order only.

  • Ideally suited for retaining cut or fill slopes between 3 and 15m in height

  • Three basic block sizes - L300 / L500 / L750

Schematic of LÖFFELSTEIN® curvatures

LÖFFELSTEIN® Heavy Duty - where walls exceed 3.5m.
This block's thickened base prevents it being crushed under the wall's own mass.
This specially engineered block is employed as a facing to geosynthetic reinforced slopes
or for Geonail or rock anchored cut slopes.

Please consult us for more applications and details about this product.

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